early years …

Between 1993 and 1994 I worked side by side with my good old friend Reinhold Gallbrunner for a Canadian publishing house seated in Vienna/Austria. Reinhold is one of the most experienced and fastest MAC-users I’ve ever seen and worked with. Related on computer graphics he is the most important teacher I’ve ever had. Together we managed the production of up to 8 magazines per month working on two IIfx-machines with 8 MB RAM and 80 MB hard disc space. And that’s no typo, I mean really megabyte! Compared to that, every iPhone seems to be the data center of the NASA :-)

client: McLean Hunter Vienna; art director: Reinhold Gallbrunner; graphic: Wolfgang Fuehrer

client: McLean Hunter Vienna; art director: Reinhold Gallbrunner; graphic: Wolfgang Fuehrer