challenge accepted

The year 2013 brought so much progress, unbelievable technical development, a lot of fun and thrilling new perspectives to studio 2000 that I can hardly describe. But the most exciting subject came in late September with the shooting of the GPÖ concert at Cinema Wimpassing in the south of Lower Austria. GPÖ stands for Austrian Groove Party and is the latest band project of Jens Mersch and his friends Eva-Maria Feimer, Roland Al-Shami, Gernot Blümel and Gerald Schneider. The dadaistic conception of the program combined with an extraordinary stage presence and the musical experience of the band set the audience in motion within minutes.

The band committed studio 2000 for the complete production of some promotional videos of the event. Considering that video production wasn’t part of our services until now, we are very proud to present these clips on our website. It illustrates not only our technical and creative skills but also the ability to deal with unexpected and irreproducible situations. Shooting such a live act requires decisions within milliseconds which can’t be undone later. Thus everybody has to be in really sharp condition to give their best in every aspect of the task.