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wolfgang fuehrer

The company studio 2000 was founded in 1993 by Wolfgang Fuehrer. It started out as a graphic design studio and became a network oriented special service provider over the years. Located in Vienna/Austria in the very heart of Europe we have the best geographical and technical opportunities to support our clients.

Assisted by modern communication technology we connect our clients with the talent and production specialists they need for a specific job. The network we use is strictly based on personal relations and professional experience because we believe in strong quality much more than in low prices.

It’s easy to search the worldwide web for the lowest price. Everybody can do that and the discussion platforms on the internet are full of frustrated people who generated more amounts for rectification than for a solution of their original problem. Obviously they didn’t know the major difference between excellent value and cheapness. The prevention of such useless turnarounds is our business. And that makes a client really happy – try it out!

To avoid misconceptions: studio 2000 is not a full-service agency but it operates very similar on a small-scale basis. Our clients are not necessarily the big brands. Our clients are definitely the smart brands because our goal is efficiency and not megalomania.