art meets engineering

In 2014 studio 2000 developed a project on the edge between art and education. The project named „Von Süden nach Morgen“ was realized 2015 within „Viertelfestival Niederösterreich“ in the largest school of Austria, the HTL Mödling.

The target was to find new ways of developing ideas in a school system that is mostly technical oriented and therefore often lacks in creativity. Based on the fact that interdisciplinary cooperations are usually more powerful than lonely geniuses the artists Krautzer-Hilzensauer-Fuehrer came up with the idea to confront the students of several technical disciplines with a historical passage: the Wiener Neustädter Kanal. Each of the different groups presented its own point of view in an exhibition within the campus.

The show was framed by a panel discussion with big guns like former vice chancellor Erhard Busek, space scientist Franz Kerschbaum, internationally known artist Erwin Redl and more.


panel discussion:




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