countless awards …

In the late 90s there was one great place here in Vienna where every young graphic designer wanted to stay: GGK. This was the leading agency in Austria and amongst others they had one awesome client: the big lingerie brand PALMERS. Needless to say what enormous honour I felt when I started working there. It was a great time in every aspect and I learned so much by people like Christian Satek, Erich Falkner, Chrigel Ott or Michael Heine to name a few of the creative directors I had the pleasure to work with.

client: Palmers; agency: GGK Wien; creative director: Christian Satek; art directors: Alexandra Husa, Elke Bocksrucker;  client service: Carmen Eulenhaupt, Tino Pirringer; photographer: Mark Glassner; digital imaging: Vienna Paint, final artwork: Wolfgang Fuehrer

client: Palmers; agency: GGK Wien; creative director: Christian Satek; art directors: Alexandra Husa, Elke Bocksrucker;
client service: Carmen Eulenhaupt, Tino Pirringer; photographer: Mark Glassner; digital imaging: Vienna Paint,
final artwork: Wolfgang Fuehrer


client: Lotto; agency: GGK Wien; creative director: Christian Satek; art director: Elke Bocksrucker;
client service: Tino Pirringer, Michael Vogt; illustrator: Ander Pecher; final artwork: Wolfgang Fuehrer


client: EWE; agency: GGK Wien; creative director: Erich Falkner; art directors: Gabi Cer;
client service: Christian Rausch; final artwork: Wolfgang Fuehrer